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Sharif Gabir and the Dunning Kruger effect, why do we hate Israel?

(English isn't my first language so i might make grammatical mistakes)
Sharif Gabir as I write this article probably have over 52k subscribers as he is one of the most growing atheists channels on youtube, although many arab muslims have dedicated replies to him, some are logical and some are as emotional as sharif himself, one channel in particular have been attacking his claims one by one and it’s owned by doctor haitham tal’at, however these videos are dedicated towards arab muslim audience, there are no people I’m aware of that made a reply to him, although his claims are even weaker than the masked arab
(i want to clarify that what i mean here is that sharif lack of sources and refrences in comparison to the masked arab might make the masked arab argument stronger but my point is that they *appear* weaker duo to the fact of lack of sources and the overall anecdotal theme in his videos, to me both sharif and the masked arab are equally weak and wrong)
 and he cite less sources and references but of course yet again cite weak narrations without checking the sanad just like the masked arab as I demonstrated, speaking of the masked arab I’ll be returning to him after future plans and I’ll be making the final reply to him, anyways, this is as much videos I gathered for the past week as I could, some other videos have been removed for some reason, his video that contain the so called camel urine issue (which will be addressed shortly) could not be found, but I was able to found a video that contain this claim alone, not the video as a hole With this simple introduction let us proceed
I have decided to address each video in a separate article, duo to the fact that addressing all of them will make my article large enough to be unreadable

why do you hate Israel:?
In this video Sharif gabir attempt to legitimize and rationalize the state of Israel and what it does to the Palestinians

@00:36 of his video, sharif starts with the same old argument that Israel is more legit because they were the original owners of the lands (supposedly) he cited no sources no references but let’s ignore that, the twist here is that he switched it around and stated “let us assume that Palestinians are the original owners so the are the legit owners of the land (although this is a non sequitur fallacy but let us proceed) so whenever a force come and invade it then this is occupation” now let us assume this is correct for a second and that Palestine is not the original owner of the land, this argument is actually self-refuting, because the Canaanites were the original owners of the land [1]before Israel took it from them, even the god of the bible told the jews to kill the Canaanites
"destroyed with the sword every living thing in it—men and women, young and old, cattle, sheep and donkeys" [2]
Joshua fought against them and took the land we call Israel now from them, so by Sharif’s logic the Canaanites should take their lands back, of course, thanks to Israel the Canaanites no longer exist (or as I assume them to be)

@00:57 of his video Sharif state that he discovered Egypt to be also conquered by Arabs, he cite the conquest of ‘Amr bin al-‘as as evidence for his claim, he claim that Egypt was not conquered before by any force, he state that we learned it to be a conquest to liberate Egypt since they were occupied,  but in reality they were not they were Copts (as he claim) but let’s fact check this claim, was Egypt free before ‘Amr bin Al-as conquest from any empire or force? The answer is surprisingly no
Egypt was under the providence of a byzantine empire with the governor residing in Alexandria, although they were Christians, the inhibitors of Egypt were monophysite unlike the Melkite Byzantines who regarded them as heretics, the difference is they think jesus was divine, while the Byzantines believed he was both human and divine, in result they suffered persecutions and religious discrimination at the hands of their rulers (referring to the Byzantines) while also burdened with heavy taxation to defray the expenses of constant warfare between the Byzantines and rivals outside, so far that there was even Greek presence there, the battle between arabs and Byzantines took place in Heliopolis, the agreement between the Egyptians and the arabs read as the following ” ‘In the name of God, the merciful, the compassionate, this is the amnesty granted to the people of Egypt, to their religion, their goods, their churches and crosses, their lands and waters, nothing of which shall be touched or seized from them”[3]
Of course they had to pay jizyah tax (I might dedicate a future article in relations to this issue)

The Byzantine emperor repudiated the treaty between the Arabs and the Egyptians, but the local Coptic governor joined with Amr ibn al-As, the commander in chief of the Arab forces and the new governor of Egypt, against the Byzantines and in favour of the treaty. By 641 Byzantine attempts to recapture Egypt had failed and the whole of Egypt was incorporated within the expanding Arab empire. The majority of the population remained Christian and retained their own language, so that the process of Arabization and Islamization that eventually took place was to take several centuries, Amr, the new governor of Egypt, ruled justly and efficiently[4]

To claim that there was no nation imperlizing Egypt before amr bin al-ass is a false assumption that fails in the face of growing evidence
for more information on the arabs and the conquest of Egypt please read Cambridge University Press A History of Egypt: From the Arab Conquest to the Present article, linked in the endnotes

@01:52 of his video Sharif brings quite of a dangerous and crazy example, he state that Palestine were not civilized during their times, and not as modern as japan and United states, and was still poor third world country, let’s ignore this for a second, he state that if you have someone with a mic but who can’t speak and can’t use it, but another person can use the mic (the mic in this case is the example of the land) according to his logic, Israel can use the mic (the land) better than the Palestinians, therefore Israel is legit owner, this is a non sequitur and a very dangerous idea, I shall provide an example of my own to refute it but let us apply it to the real world, now go to every non-muslim poor third world country, by this logic we are more legitimized to conquer them and take their lands because we can use it better and build better cities, how can anyone accept such imperialist propaganda? How can his fans agree with such dangerous assumption, he is basically saying it’s ok to imperialize a land and take it because the original owners were poor and didn’t utilize it better?
Now as for my example, let’s imagine you have two neighbors , one is a scientist (this example will be applicable to the future argument of Israel being superior in scientific research than Palestine) and the other one was a poor man, the scientist was a horrible monster, he beat up this poor man and killed his children and torture his wife , now let me ask you this, does this mean we should allow that deleterious neighbor to live alongside that poor man and torture him forever simply because that man is important? Or shall we put him in trials and judge him on his crimes?

@03:10 he said “but if you come and look at it from logical point of view and not emotional” yes Sharif, logical, it’s logical to allow a murderer to live simply because he is important right?
@03:33 he cites a ridicules video by cbn state the following

“Israel was recently ranked the fourth most innovative nation in the world. From the iPhone to the Playstation, the ideas behind many of your favorite gadgets came from inventors here in Israel.

* Flip-top cell phones
* Keyboards for smart phones
* Intel Pentium chips
* The ability to print straight from your computer
* The flash drive
* The chip in the iPad
* The operating system that runs the Amazon Kindle
* The chip that controls the Sony Playstation.
* The 3D sensor in Xbox Kinect gaming systems”[5]

There are no sources no reference to any of the claims above apart from the flash drive and Epilator who are true Israeli inventions, however the list above by CBN is nothing but pure propaganda, but let’s ignore it even if it was true
However, this is a strawman to many arguments brought by pro Palestinians such as myself, we are not saying Israel should stop all it’s activity and leave, we are proposing two state and one state solution to solve the issue, only fundamentalist propose the removal of Israel

@04:19 Finally we get to enter the core argument of the Israel and Palestinian conflict, he state that this is not because of the people of palatine, but because of hamas, is it?

(Jerusalem) – Israel’s new law regulating nongovernmental organizations targets human rights organizations and other groups that criticize the government with onerous reporting requirements about donations from foreign governments. The law, written in a way to exempt many organizations that support government policies and settlement activities, including those that receive foreign private donations, sets back freedom of association in Israel.[6]
Laws Violated: U.N. Charter, Article 2(4) & 51 (1945); Declaration on Principles of International Law Concerning Friendly Relations…, Principle 1
Israeli Actions: It is illegal under international law to acquire land by force: Israel annexed land occupied by force during 1948 and 1967 wars (lands other than those given by the UN 1947-48 partition plan) ILRC article. Military action and occupations are legal only if they are for self-defense, or to directly benefit the native population. But studies show Israel is not just defending itself as it develops de-facto annexation with its settlements and separation barrier on occupied land, as it takes over most of the occupied territories (over 70%) and its natural resources for its own use and economic benefit, at the expense of the native population. ILRC article on why the Occupation is illegal
Laws Violated: Geneva Conventions IV, Article 49(6) (1949). It is illegal to colonize occupied land or transfer non-indigenous population to that land. Israeli Actions: Immediately following the 1967 war, Israel began building Israeli civilian settlements on Palestinian lands, eventually building over 200 settlements throughout the occupied territories, and settling over 450,000 Israeli civilians in them, displacing hundreds of thousands of Palestinian civilians from their own legally owned lands. In addition, Israeli citizens live in hundreds of Israeli settlements on occupied land not originally given to them in the UN Partition Plan, displacing hundreds of thousands of Palestinians. ILRC article

Laws Violated: U.N. Charter, Article 2(4) (1945); Declaration on Principles of International Law Concerning Friendly Relations…, Principle 1 (1970). Israeli Actions: In violation of the UN Partition Plan, Israel took an extra 15% of the land in 1948, and then, following the 1967 war, Israel confiscated East Jerusalem and the Golan Heights. ILRC article.
Laws Violated: Forbidding civilian populations the right to return to their homes following the end of armed conflict is in direct violation of international law and UN resolutions. Geneva Convention IV, Articles 45, 46 & 49 (1949), UN resolutions 194 (III) (General Assembly; 1948) & 237 (Security Council; 1967). Israeli Actions: Since 1910, in different ways, the Zionists and then Israel have taken Palestinian lands, forced native populations from their land, and then refused the Palestinian landowners or tenants’ residency or employment on them. Following fighting in 1948 and then again in 1967, Palestinian civilians who wished to return to their homes in Israel and the Occupied Territories were forbidden re-entry (“right of return”), confining them to increasingly smaller areas of Israel and Occupied Territories. The Israeli government enacts laws, and employs its military to keep approximately 750,000 Palestinian Arab civilians from returning to their homes following the end of fighting both in 1948 and in the occupied territories in 1967. Israel then violates UN resolutions ordering them to respect Palestinians’ right to return to their homes. See the ILRC article on Right of Return and ILRC article on Ethnic Cleansing.
Laws Violated: International Convention on the Suppression and Punishment of the Crime of Apartheid (1976). Link to our fact sheets on Israeli Apartheid. Israeli Actions: The State of Israel has a formal system of legalized discrimination against Palestinian Arabs which technically fits the official UN definition of Apartheid. ILRC article. Israel’s society-wide system of discrimination and isolation of the Palestinian people within Israel, and its system of exploitation, oppression and isolation in the occupied territories, fits exactly the official, legal UN definition of apartheid, which is considered to be a crime against humanity. The practice of passing laws which give special favor throughout Israeli society to the Jewish people over all other people, and especially the native Palestinian Arab people, embodies the UN definition of apartheid, which is giving special favor to one group of people above all other groups based on criteria like what religion they are. Another example is in 2003, the Israeli legislature (Knesset) passed legislation that forbade spouses of Arab-Israeli citizens who are in the occupied territories from joining their families in Israel (with some exceptions). The reason for this legislation is to help maintain the Jewish demographic majority family unification. The racist nature is evident in that only Palestinians (no other ethnic groups) are not forbidden to live in Israel after marrying an Israeli. ILRC article. General article. Amnesty International argues that this law violates fundamental principles of equity, human dignity and personal freedom enshrined in basic law as well as the rights of the child to live with both parents and other fundamental rights enshrined in human rights treaties in which Israel is a signer. ILRC article on Israeli Apartheid

for sources of all above citations please read the following article in regards to Israel violations of humans rights

I shall leave you with this major work of humans rights watch, a 170 pages explaining Israel violations of basic humans rights[7]

Now for the sake of brevity, let’s move to the next point

@04:57-07:18 Sharif argues and rambles about how Israel is important he goes as to mention the scientific research capacity of Israel, the military industry complex, the drug manufacturing capacity, the education system, farming system, and overall how civilized Israel is, I’m not sure what he is advocating with these rambling, but let us go back to my example
“let’s imagine you have two neighbors, one is a scientist (this example will be applicable to the future argument of Israel being superior in scientific research than Palestine) and the other one was a poor man, the scientist was a horrible monster, he beat up this poor man and killed his children and torture his wife, now let me ask you this, does this mean we should allow that deleterious neighbor to live alongside that poor man and torture him forever simply because that man is important? Or shall we put him in trials and judge him on his crimes?”

Now basically according to the example above in relations to all Israel violations of basic human rights and dignity, we should allow them to continue their occupations and discrimination simply because of their advancements in science and education

@07:20 Sharif start with the argument relating to the treatment of women in Egypt, he state that Israel is the safest place in the middle east for a girl to live, he cited NO sources no references for any of his claims at all, his only source, seriously his only source for this is a random video of how police treat women in Egypt
What makes it so damning is that Israel Times admitted by it’s own that Israel singled out at UN for women’s right violations
“Israel’s UN Ambassador Ron Prosor denounced the resolution saying it was further proof of the UN’s bias against Israel, as it was the only country singled out by the 45-member commission.

“If anyone has ever doubted that the UN is biased against Israel, today we got further proof. Of the 193 member states in this institution, dozens slaughter innocent civilians and impose discriminatory laws that marginalize women and yet they all get a free pass. The Commission on the Status of Women itself includes some of the worst violators of human rights, as Iran and Sudan,” he said.”[8]
“While we've been distracted by alarmism over newly elected Islamist leaders enforcing hijabs and bikini bans in the Arab world, Israel is already embroiled in attempts to rein in this unruly matter of female "immodesty".

Last week, Israel's Haaretz newspaper reported on businesses in the southern town of Sderot signing up to a "dignified" dress code – whereby female employees must be "modestly" clothed. So far 20 stores have adopted this long-sleeves directive, initiated by a religious group which says it did not actively threaten to boycott non-signatory shops – but which, nonetheless, has considerable buying power. Not surprisingly, the women subjected to this new code have described it as religious coercion.”[9]

Even before the state of Israel was created, there were women fighting for women's rights in the land that became the state of Israel, for example women in the New Yishuv. Yishuv is the term referring to the body of Jewish residents in Palestine before the establishment of the state of Israel, and New Yishuv refers to those who began building homes outside the Old City walls of Jerusalem in the 1860s. In 1919 the first nationwide women's party in the New Yishuv (the Union of Hebrew Women for Equal Rights in Eretz Israel) was created, and Rosa Welt-Straus, who had immigrated there that year, was appointed its leader, as which she continued until her death[10]

To claim that there was NOT a SINGLE violation of human rights in Israel, is a claim backed up by no evidence at all

@09:18 he states that the arab nations are the most major violators of humans rights in the world, He cited no sources no evidence for such claim, the Only evidence he has for such claim is Saudi Slave market being only illegal to 1962
And that is it, that is his evidence, a generalization fallacy, where he states that since saudi arabia had slave market in 1962 therefore all arab nations are to be blamed

we reach the conclusion that Sharif establish no moral ground, he made insane and an unbelievable claim that as long as you are a scientist and important individual, a civilized man, you can have any land you want, this is the crazy and the sick mentality that the Zionist have and will always teach in their hesbra industry



  1. Why didn't sharif gabir mention the fact that Israel is only successful because of the foreign aid it gets? They weren't able to produce anything themselves if the Americans and other countries didn't aided them. And how did he forget that Arabs especially, out of all races protected the Jews and took them in whenever a European nation kicked them out? And why also not mention the Jewish golden age on spain due to the Arabs protection? In which they were shortly kicked out from it after the and Arabs were exiled? Why didn't he mention the fact that most of Israeli citizens came AFTER 1948? Meaning that they weren't there to begin with let alone claim something they don't have the right to? Seriously, this Sharif Gabir guy is a fucking idiot, I am not Muslim myself by the way, so I am not biased or anything. This guy seriously have a retarded way of thinking, just look at his video on the school system. Everyone is calling him out on his stupidity. Sad thing, you get any attention you want when you say you're an Arab atheist, no matter how stupid you are, as long as you speak against religion, you get the attention you don't deserve - coming from an Arab atheist myself.

    1. Rightfully said, his confirmation bias is his daming

    2. Its wrong to label the "Golden age" as something the Arabs were solely responsible for. Im muslim but not arab and jus wanna give a heads up that the golden age is normally referred to as the Golden age of Islam where muslim armies and empires were at their might and truly applied principles of Islam in war time and in their treatment of others. Just felt like pointing this out since Islam is not just comprised of arabs. Otherwise agree with you.

  2. I’m currently in Egypt
    I cant make any new posts at the moment so its going to take some time for me to come back and make more posts