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The marriage of Zaynab Part-1

The marriage of Zaynab
Refuting accusations Part-1

Note: sources are in Arabic I translated it work to English
In number of Anti-Muslim propaganda websites the issue of the marriage of Zaynab to the prophet Muhammad has raised so many issues in the Muslim world in this post we will lock at the authenticity of such claim but first we need to see the opinion of the classical scholars about the accusations against Islam
Imam Ibn Kamal said:
The books of tafsir are filled with fabricated hadiths[1]
Ibn Taimia said:
{and these books that many people call it books of tafsirs has so many rumored (Manqola) tafsirs from the Salaf and lies, and words about Allah and his messenger with no proven words, nothing but Fabricated and poetic Suspicions}[2]
Now let us begin Note as I said the sources I have are originally in Arabic but I took it and translated it into English the page number if the English version of the book exist will be a different page
Invalidity of the story by classical Islamic scholars:
 (narrated by Ali ibn Hussain : that the Prophet of God (Peace Be Upon Him) that Allah has told that Zaid is divorcing Zaynab, and he is marrying her by the permission of Allah, so when Zaid complained to the prophet about the behavior (manners) of his wife Zaynab and that she is disobeying him and told him that he want to divorce her, the prophet (Peace be Upon Him) said by the a good manners and recommendation (Fear Allah regarding what you said and Hold your Wife) and he knows he is going to be separated from her and marry the prophet, and he is the one who kept it hidden ……. And the prophet Feared that some people might pass him and marry Zaynab before him….and what is said about the prophet was lost when he saw Zaynab the wife of Zaid and maybe brought some poetry that is the accusations of ignorance about the prophet (ʿ ṣma) or mockery about his Sanctity Al-tirmidi Al-hakim in his book (Nawadir Al-oṣol) and it was transmitted to Ali Ibn al Hussain of his saying From (Khazana Al- ʿilm Jawhar min Al-jawahir wa Dar min Al-dar) that Allah has admonish him when he knew she will be one of his wives so how did he said after that to Zaid (Hold Your Wife)….}[3]

Imam Ibn Kathir said:
{Ibn Jarir and Ibn abi Hatim said: over here(referring to the story) a trace of about some salaf (may Allah be pleased with them) we want to ignore it because it’s not authentic so we don’t mention it}[4]
Imam Ibn Hajar Al- ʿAsqalani said:
{and other traces(stories)  said by Ibn abi Hatam and Al-Tabari and many Mofasirin(commentators) said should not be worried(or be concerned about) .. and what said about that the prophet was hiding that Allah told him that she will be his wife} [5]

Shikh Al-Shiqanti said:
{all these stories that said Zaynab excited the admiration of the Messenger of God has no authenticity in it}[6]
Skikh Mohii Al-din Darwish said:
{and what is said that the prophet went to the house of Zaid but Zaid was gone then he saw Zaynab and excited the admiration of the Messenger of God, and  he said :” Glory be to God the Almighty! Glory be to God, who causes the hearts to turn” so Zaynab Heard the words so she told Zaid about it then Zaid so he thought that he divorce her and so on, This nonsense that the prophet is far better than it was refuted by Ulama Imam Abu Bakir Ibn Al-Arabi said: it’s not authentic and the transmitters of it that Protesters who allegedly understand the verse can never reach the level of prophecy}[7]

The judge Abu Bakr ibn al-Arabi said :
{all these stories has no sanad}[8]
And the same judge transmitted the authentic story that was used by Qurtabi:
{and this story is unsupported , because what they said that the prophet when he saw her she excited the admiration of the Messenger of God is Invalid because he was with her in all times in all matters and there was no a cover at that time so how come he grow up with her and she grow up with him and notice her in every  hour and never excite his admiration only when she had a husband ? and she gave him herself, and hated anyone else, and that never came to his mind, so how can he think about something he never thought about it before , God forbid such pure heart from such filthy relationship}[9]
Doctor Muhammad Hussain Al- ḏahabi said:
{the are nothing but Falsehoods that was told by Ibn Jarir in his Tafsir and it’s just like who we pointed out to it is a false accusation he brought to islam by John of Damascus on āmmaiāh Era}[10]
Shaikh Muhammad Abu Zahra said:
{and this story(referring to Zaynab marriage) was nothing but Allegation inserted by the enemies of the religion, and ʿ Abdul Rahman Ibn Zaid Ibn Thabit was accused of lying ,and speaking with strange stories, and fabricated hadiths and no one mentioned this but the Mofasiron and news tellers that were obsessed with transmitting whatever they hear of Sickly and false stories, and nothing similar to this was found in the authentic hadiths books that is trustworthy, and what sahih has brought Contravenes from this, and not in this Reprehensible story}[11]

Mentioning the rejected Sanad in this story

The First sanad Imam Al-Tabari mentioned it in his Tafsir:
{Narrated by Bashar said: Zaid said: Saʿid said: from Qutada (And [remember, O Muhammad], when you said to the one on whom Allah bestowed favor and you bestowed favor) and it’s Zaid Allah has bestowed favor upon him and the prophet set him free (Hold on to your wife, and fear Allah in her. And you concealed within yourself that which Allah is to disclose) said: and he was hiding in himself the desire to divorce her}[12]
Now we see a fabricated words brought by Qutada, and Qutada in this story relies on the same narrations inserted by the enemies of Islam and we as Muslims if we saw the world bring a hadith that was latter turned out to have a weak sanad (Dai’f) then we should not accept it
Ibn Sirin said:
{when ever a Fitnah was inserted they will ask and check the sanad and say bring us your men (narrators) and then they will be looked upon it will be accepted if it was from Ahl Al-sunnah (trustworthy narrators) and will be rejected if it was from Ahl Al-Bida’ (weak narrators or people who bring innovations)}[13]

Now let us check if Qutada is to be trusted:
Imam Badr Al-Din Al-Zarkashi  said:
{narrated by Ibn Abi Hatim from Yahya From Bin Saʿid that he can’t see irsal (words) of Qutada and Zuhri as anything worthy and they are as winds (ignored)}[14]
Imam Shams Al-Dean Al-Dahabi said:
{Qutada Bin Daʿama Al-sadosi (Qutada himself but here is his full name)it’s by Ijmaʿ has been conformed that he is a Fabricator and he is well known at that}[15]

The Narration or Al-Tabari:
{narrated by Yunus said: we were told by Ibn Wahab said: Ibn Zaid (focus on this name Ibn Zaid) said: The Prophet married Zaynab Bint Jahash to Zaid Bin Haritha so the prophet one day went out to Zaid’s house and on the door there was a cover of hair so the wind blows and the hair is uncovered and it was Zaynab and she was in her room with head and arms uncovered and she excited the admiration of the Messenger of God and when that happed she told her husband and he went to the prophet and said :”oh messenger of Allah I want to divorce my wife” the prophet replied “why is there something in her you didn’t like?” Zaid replied with “no messenger of Allah there is nothing in her I didn’t like I only saw good out of her the prophet replied with “Hold your wife, and Fear Allah” for that Allah said(And [remember, O Muhammad], when you said to the one on whom Allah bestowed favor and you bestowed favor, "Keep your wife and fear Allah ," while you concealed within yourself that which Allah is to disclose(concealed within yourself that if you divorce her I will marry her}[16]

What is wrong in the narration?

The first fault Abullrahman Ibn Zaid (a weak narrator)
Imam Abo AL-hajaj Al-mazi said:
{Ahmed Ibn Hanbal said:Weak
And Bukhari and abu Hatim said: Ali Ibn madini made him very weak
Abu dawood said: the sons of Zaid Ibn Aslam are all weak Especially Abdullah
Al-Nisaʾi said: weak
Abu Zurʿa said:weak
Abu Hatim said: he is not strong in hadith he was righteous by himself and in hadith he wasn’t}[17]

The second fault is the Irsal(connection with the prophet)
Ibn Zaid narrate ot Directly from the prophet when he actually never been with him and that is what called Irsal and the hadith that has Irsal in it is not accepted

The Third narration of the story:
{Ibn Omar(known as Muhammad Ibn Omar Al-waqidi) said:Abullah Ibn ʿAmir Al-Aslami told me: From Muhammad Ibn Yahya Ibn Haban said: the prophet of God came to Zaid Ibn Haritha’s house asking for him and Zaid was Called Zaid Ibn Muhammad and maybe The prophet missed him he asked “where is Zaid?” so he came to his house and he didn’t find him so Zaynab came to him and told him “over here prophet of god” so the prophet went away saying something to himself(whispering to himself) no one knows what he was saying but god alone the one who cause hearts to turn, Zaid reached his own house and his wife told him the prophet came he replied “didn’t tell him to come in?” she replied “I did but he didn’t want to” she then said “I heard him saying some words I don’t understand and I heard him said “Glory be to God the Almighty! Glory be to God, who causes the hearts to turn”” so Zaid left tell he reached the prophet and he said: ”Oh prophet of God I heard you came into my house oh who is the one I will give up my mother and my father for Oh messenger of God you might saw something that you like in Zaynab so I can leave her and divorce her” the prophet replied “Hold your wife” Zaid could not lesson……he came to the prophet and said “Oh messenger of God if I divorce her” the prophet replied “Hold your Wife” then he didn’t lesson so the prophet replied “Keep your Wife” so Zaid left her and she became halal to the prophet so when the prophet was sitting talking to Aisha the prophet became thirsty then it was told about him (who should go to Zaynab and tell her that the prophet has married her by divine inspiration)and the prophet recited (And [remember, O Muhammad], when you said to the one on whom Allah bestowed favor and you bestowed favor,) the hole story Aisha said: ”and it was said to me from near and far about her beauty and the other which is the best and the most honored is the husband God has given her” Aisha said :”she is proud on us with that” Aisha said “and salma came out the savant of Allah messenger with her face red (raised temperature) so I talked to her about that and I explained it to her}[18]

Note: there is possible Errors in translation here as I translated the Arabic words one by one however you see that the story is similar

Problems with the Narration
First Fault:
Muhammad Ibn Omar Al-waqidi:Liar
{Ahmad Ibn Hanbal said: he is a Liar who drops hadiths
Ibn Maʿin said: he is not trustworthy
And Mura said: his hadiths should not be written
Bukhari and Abu Hatim said: Matrok(lefted)
Abd Abu hatim said aswell with Al-nisaʾi said: drops random hadiths
And Darqandi said: in him weakness}[19]

Second Fault (another weak narrator)
Abullah Ibn ʿAmir Al-Aslami(Weak)
{Imam Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani said: Ibn ʿAmir Al-Aslami, Abo ʿamir Al-madani:Weak}[20]
Third Fault (Irsal)
Muhammad Ibn Yahya Ibn Haban is trusted But he never speaked  to the prophet directly
Imam Al-Dahabi said:
{he was born at the year forty seven}[21]

And it’s known that the prophet died at the year eleven of Hijra so the difference between the death of the prophet and Ibn yahya Birth is a disconnection of thirty six year

End Of Part-1 More to come

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