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The marriage of Zaynab Part-2 Final

The marriage of Zaynab
Refuting accusations Part-2

This is continues work of my work on Part-1 please read part-1 before reading this

Continuing the rebuttal to the third narration:
I said (Abu ʿOmar) : and Imam Muhammad Ibn Jarir said the same Narration on with this same sanad in his well-known Tarikḫ(History) by Tarikḫ Al-Umam Wa Al-Miluk [1]
Knowing that the source of Imam Al-Tabari is Unknown and that makes it even worse
The words of Muqatil Ibn Suleiman:
{The Prophet (peace be Upon him) married Zaynab Bint Jahish from Zaid so she stayed with him from then, then the prophet came one day to Zaid asking for him, then Zaynab appeared she was white Beautiful filled and the best looking of Quraish women, so he left saying (Glory be to God, who causes the hearts to turn) so Zaynab heard these words and she told it to Zaid so Zaid said: ”Oh Prophet of God allow me to divorce her, she brags about herself, and she harm me with her tongue “ the prophet replied” hold your wife and fear Allah”}[2]

Problems with Muqatil

Imam Al-Darqanti said:
{Muqatil Ibn Suleiman Al-kḫrasani lies}[3]
Imam Al-Dahabi said:
{Bukḫari said: Muqatil is nothing at all
I said (Al-Dahabi speaking here of himself) : the all ajmaʿo (they all agreed) on leaving him}[4]
Imam Ibn Abi Hatim said:
{Muqatil Ibn Suleiman Al-Balkḫi the owner of the Tafisr and Manakir(denied or rejected hadiths)}[5]

And Imam Al-Qurtobi said:
{it was told that when Zaid when to his bed and Zaynab said “and Zaid didn’t let me go except of what god has forbidden him to do”, this narration Abi Usma Noh Ibn Abi Maryam the hadith was said Zaynab that she said that and in some narrations: ”Zaid got angry when she rejected him when he wanted her”}[6]
Originally in [7]

This is a lie and Abi Usma Noh Ibn Abi Maryam is a liar and will be exposed Now
Imam Abu Hajaj Al-Mazi said:
{Ibn Hanbal said: my father said Abi Usma used to write denied hadiths
And Ahmed Ibn Saad said: I asked Yahya Ibn Maʿin about Abi Usma Noh Ibn Abi Maryam he said “he is nothing and his hadiths should not be written”
And Ibrahim Ibn Yaʿqub said: Abi Usma Noh Ibn Abi Maryam his hadiths is to be rejected
And Abu Zarʿa said: Daʿif (weak) hadith teller
And Abu Hatim and Muslim Bin Al-Hajaj and Abu Bashir Al-Dolabi and Darqanti all said: Matruk Hadith (his hadiths is to be left)
And Bukḫari saidAbi Usma Noh Ibn Abi Maryam his hadiths is to be rejected
And said in another place (Bukḫari) his hadith is very weak
And Al-nisai said: Abi Usma Noh Ibn Abi Maryam is not trustworthy and not counted on}[8]

What is authentic about the Narrations?

Imam Al-Qurtabi said:
(narrated by Ali ibn Hussain : that the Prophet of God (Peace Be Upon Him) that Allah has told that Zaid is divorcing Zaynab, and he is marrying her by the permission of Allah, so when Zaid complained to the prophet about the behavior (manners) of his wife Zaynab and that she is disobeying him and told him that he want to divorce her, the prophet (Peace be Upon Him) said by the a good manners and recommendation (Fear Allah regarding what you said and Hold your Wife) and he knows he is going to be separated from her and marry the prophet, and he is the one who kept it hidden ……. And the prophet Feared that some people might pass him and marry Zaynab before him….and what is said about the prophet was lost when he saw Zaynab the wife of Zaid and maybe brought some poetry that is the accusations of ignorance about the prophet (ʿṣma) or mockery about his Sanctity Al-tirmidi Al-hakim in his book (Nawadir Al-oṣol) and it was transmitted to Ali Ibn al Hussain of his saying From (Khazana Al- ʿilm Jawhar min Al-jawahir wa Dar min Al-dar) that Allah has admonish him when he knew she will be one of his wives so how did he said after that to Zaid (Hold Your Wife)….[9]
So Imam Al-Qurtabi doesn’t see any authenticity in the so called narration that was discussed before
Now we go to a part that is mentioned about the prophet eyes felled on her beauty
Because in the narration Ibn Al-Arabi brings this so called accusation he said:” this is how Imamas of the Haramain said it and the Ulama saw this in Zaid story of this meaning…….he set free Saffiyah and made her manumitting a sadaka)

So where did Imam Al-Arabi said that?
It was said in book “Kitab Ahkam Al-Quran” By Imam Abu baker Ibn Al-Arabi:
{if his eyes felled on a man that man must divorce his wife and he marry her
Al-Qadi said:this is how Imams of the Haramain said it and they explained it in the story of Zaid and how the prophet’s eyes was felled in love with her}[10]
So Al-Arabi takes this from Imam Al-haramain Al-Faḍil Ibn ʿAiaḍ
So the question now does the hadith that Al-Faḍil Ibn ʿAiaḍ count on is correct?
The answer is NO
So now let us see if the story is valid though Quran Eyes

The Quran Refute the Story
Quran 68:4
{And indeed, you are of a great moral character}
And the person with the great moral character won’t do such a thing
And Shaikh Saadi said:
{and his saying” And indeed, you are of a great moral character” that proves that the prophet Muhammad indeed has Great moral character because god has teached him morals so how come he is not morally perfect when God said” Take what is given freely, enjoin what is good, and turn away from the ignorant.” Also saying” and consult them in the matter” and his saying “So by mercy from Allah , [O Muhammad], you were lenient with them. And if you had been rude [in speech] and harsh in heart, they would have disbanded from about you. So pardon them and ask forgiveness for them and consult them in the matter.” And so on from great manners that God has teached his prophet which made him the most perfect in manners among men and Aisha was asked about the prophet Character she replied “His character was the Qur'an” and was said “"was sent to perfect good manners.”}[11]
Quran 33:21
{There has certainly been for you in the Messenger of Allah an excellent pattern for anyone whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day and [who] remembers Allah often.}
Imam Ibn Kathir said:
{This Ayah is an important principle, to follow the Messenger of Allah in all his words, and deeds, etc. Hence Allah commanded the people to take the Prophet as an example on the day of Al-Ahzab, with regard to patience, guarding, striving and waiting for Allah to provide the way out; may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him forever, until the Day of Judgment. Allah says to those who were anxious and impatient and were shaken by feelings of panic on the day of Al-Ahzab :(Indeed in the Messenger of Allah you have a good example to follow) meaning, `why do you not take him as an example and follow his lead' Allah says: (for him who hopes in Allah and the Last Day, and remembers Allah much.)}[12]
Refuting the claim By Authentic Hadiths

Narrated AbuHurayrah:
The Prophet () said: Anyone who incites a woman against her husband or a slave against his master is not one of us.[13]
Sheikh Abi Al-Taib Al-Azim Abadi said:
{Who incites means who trick or cause a woman to betray her husband by mentioning the bad things about her husband or the good things about someone else}[14]
Imam Nisai said:
{Narraited by Musaʿab Bin Saad ,from his father said: ‘Uthman bin Abi Shaybah related to us: Ahmad bin al-Mufaddal related to us: Asbat bin Nasr related to us saying: al-Suddi claimed (za‘ama) from Mus‘ab bin Sa‘d from Sa‘d who said: On the day of the Conquest of Makkah ‘Abd Allah bin Abi Sarh hid himself with ‘Uthman bin ‘Affan. He came with him and made him stand before the Prophet and then said: O Messenger of God! Accept the allegiance of ‘Abd Allah. He raised his head three times, each time refusing him. Then he accepted his allegiance after the third time. He then turned to his Companions and said: “Was not there among you a right-minded man who would have stood to this one when I had withheld my hand from accepting his allegiance and killed him?” They said: “We did not know what you were thinking in your heart, O Messenger of God! Why did you not give us a signal with your eye?” He said: “It is not fitting for a prophet to hoodwink by the eyes}[15]

What is the point of this hadith??? This hadith show that a man was ordered to be killed yet the prophet was merciful to him he was standing in front of the prophet but the prophet didn’t kill him there is a lesson to be learned here

Bukḫari said:
{Narrated Abu Huraira:
While we were with Allah's Messenger he said, "While I was sleeping, I saw myself in Paradise, and suddenly I saw a woman performing ablution beside a palace. I asked, 'For whom is this palace?' They replied, 'It is for `Umar.' Then I remembered `Umar's Ghira (self-respect) and went away quickly." `Umar wept and said, O Allah's Messenger! How dare I think of my ghira (self-respect) being offended by you?}[16]

It should be quite obvious to any critical thinking observer or anyone with any accurate mental capacity that the so called story of the prophet marriage to Zaynab is false it’s based on weak narrators false accusations and hatred

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