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The Murder of ‘Asma Bint Marwan Myth Vs. Reality

In many Anti-Islamic forums and videos it’s quite will know the Issue of the Alleged Murder of ‘Asma Bin Marwan to accuse Islam of the allowance of killing poetic criticism, however what must people don’t know is that the narration of the prophet murder of 'Asma Bint Marwan is another Fabricated report about the prophet behavior to his critics the Evidence goes as follows.

Before Reading through this Article Please Read Brother ThatMuslimGuy refutations to this this illusional accusation[1][2]
Note: the sources are in Arabic translated to English
Source #1:
Alwaqadi In his book “Almaghazi”
(Abdullah Bin Harith Told me, from his Father, that ‘Asma Bint Marwan from the Tribe of Bani Omaya Bin Zaid She was under Yazid Bin Zaid Bin Hain Al-Kitmi, and she was Harming the prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon him) and she used to mock Islam, and instigate on Killing the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) and she used Poetry on him,….Umair Bin ‘adi Bin Kḫirsha Bin Umayah Al-Kḫitmi when her poetry and instigation reached him He said: "Oh God I Vow to you I will reach the Medina so I can Kill her” and the Prophet at that time was in Badir, so when the prophet (Peace Be Upon him) returned from Badir Umair Bin ‘adi Came to her so he entered her house, and around her a number of her Children who were sleeping, one of the she was Breastfeeding, then he touched her with his hands and took the child away from her, the he put his sword in her chest tell the sword went out from her back, then he leaved intel he prayed the morning prayer with the prophet in Medina, so when the prophet left he looked at Umair and asked :” did you killed Bint Marwan?” he replied with “yes, let my father be sacrificed for you messenger of allah” and Umair Feared that he might have trial from the prophet from killing her so he asked “is there anything on me for that messenger of Allah?” the messenger replied “there is no conflict in her case” this is the first words I heard from the prophet)[3]
Issues #1 with the #1 source:
In its Sanad A narrator who is weak and considered false by many

The very author of the book is the Weak source (Muhammad Bin Umar Al-Waqidi)
Imam Al-Dahabi said:
“Ahmed Ibn Hanbal said: He is a liar he make random hadiths, he bring the Hadith of the Son of Ibn Al-Zuhri on Muamar and so on
And Ibn Mu’in said: he is not trust worthy
And Mura said: His hadith should not be written
And Bukḫari and Abu Hatim said: he should be left
And Abu Hatim also said along with Al-Nisai: he put random hadiths”[4]
Source #2:
And from Waqidi Al-Quḍa’I narrated:
(From Muhammad Ibn Ahmed Al-Asbahani, from Al-Hasan Bin Ali Al-Tasaturi, An Thu Al-non Bin Muhammad said from Al-Hasan Bin Abdullah Al-Askari from Yahya Bin Muhammad, from Maula Bani Hashim from Bakir Bin Abdulwahab from Waqidi from, Abdullah Bin Harith Bin Fadil From, his father Said: that ‘Asma Bint Marwan from the Tribe of Bani Omaya Bin Zaid and her husband was Yazid Bin Zaid Bin Hain Al-Kitmi, and she used to instigate on Muslims and harm them and use poetry, Bin ‘adi Made a Vow that when the prophet Return from Badir safe he will kill her, said : and so Umair reach her house in night then he killed her, then he went to the prophet and prayed morning prayer with him and the prophet used to visit them so he went to Umair’s house and he asked Umair Ibn ‘adi “you killed ‘asma?” the he replied with “yes” and he asked” oh messenger of Allah is in her killing anything on me?” the prophet replied with “there is no conflict in her case”)[5]
Issue #1 With #2 Source:
Al-Hasan Bin Ali Al-Tasaturi and Thu Al-non Bin Muhammad Are Unknown
And the Unknown is not accepted
Abu Umro Ibn Al-Salah said:
(The Unknown in narration is not accepted by Ijma)[6]
And Ibn Kathir said:
(And the narrator who was not named, or who his level was not known then his narration is not accepted by any of our Ulama)[7]
Source #3
Al-Qaḍ’ani said in his Musnad:
(From Abu Abdullah Al-Husain Bin Muhammad Bin Ahmed Al-Raqi Al-Sakin, From Ahmed Ibn Ibrahim Bin Al-Ala, From Muhammad Ibn Hajaj Ibrahim Al-Lukhmi Al-Wasiti, From Mujalid, From Al-Sha’bi, From Ibn Abas said: a woman From Bani Khatima Mocked the Prophet Said: bring that to the Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), and that Angered him then the prophet said “who kill her for me?” and a man from her tribe said “I will kill her messenger of Allah” and she was selling Dates Then he came to her and asked “do you have Dates?” she replied with “yes” and She showed him Dates and then he asked for Finer than that, then she entered the house and he entered with her, then he looked left and right and he saw no one but her Legible then he took her head and stabbed her, then he returned to the prophet and said “oh messenger of Allah I have killed her for you” the messenger replied “there is no conflict in her case”)[8]
There is at least 4 Weak narrators in this narration
Issue #1 with #3 source: Muhammad Ibn Hajaj Ibrahim Al-Lukhmi Al-Wasiti
Imam Al-Dahabi said:
“Al-Bukḫari said: his Hadith is denied
Ibn Udi said: His Hadith is put like a Mash
Darqanti said: he is a Liar
Ibn Mu’in said: a Malignant Liar”[9]
Issue #2 with #3 source: Ahmed Ibn Ibrahim Bin Al-Ala
He is denied[10]
Issue #3 with #3 source: Mujalid
Imam Al-Dahabi Said:
“Ibn Ma’in said: he should not be consulted or taken
And Ahmed said: he is by nothing
And Al-Nisai said: he is not strong and Al-Ashaj said he was Shia
And Al-Darqanti said: Daʿif
And Al-Bukḫari said: Yahya Ibn Said used to call him Weak and Ibn Mehdi never narrate from him”[11]
Issue #4 with #3 source: Al-Husain Bin Muhammad Bin Ahmed Al-Raqi
He is Unknown, Therefore he is rejected as we explained.

The So-Called store was narrated in several other books of Authors:
Ali Al-Harbi[12]
Ibn Askar[13]
Al-Khatib Al-Baghdadi[14]
And Ibn Bashkual[15]
But all of these sources above from Footnote 10 to 13 are based on Al-Waqidi and Muhammad Ibn Hajaj Ibrahim Al-Lukhmi Al-Wasiti Which all have been proven to be liars here
Part 2: classical Islamic investigators criticism to the alleged story
Ibn Tahir Al-Maqdisi said: and that was not narrated from Mujahid except this Muhammad, and that is what Muhammad was accused on, which is inserted [16]
Ibn Juzi said: Ibn Udai said “this is what Muhammad Ibn Hajaj was accused of Inserting”[17]
Al-Albani said: Inserted[18]
Part 3: other sources that mention the alleged story (Without any Sanad “Chain of narration” Whatsoever)
The following is sources that mention the story without any Chain of Narration to authenticate it, and we as Muslims Never accept any story without any ways of authenticating it
Imam Ibn Sa’ad[19]
Imam Ibn Hisham[20]
Imam Ibn Al-Juzi[21]
Imam Ibn Said Al-Nas[22]
Imam Ibn Kathir[23]
Imam Ibn Hajar Al-Asqalani[24]
Imam Al-Salihi[25]
Al-Mutaki Al-Hindi[26]
Part 3: the response on some Ulama use of story
One of the funny way Muslim Critics use this story and Justify it is by saying Ibn Taymia Used it, this is called Appeal to Authority Fallacy
Which makes this a Fallacies to begin with.
Ibn Taymia didn’t correct the story and never said its Authentic, but it’s a Habit by Ahil-Alilm that they narrate a report that reach them
And NONE of them said in there books that just because a Narration is reported we must accept it as Authentic
Part 4: The narration is Self-Contradicting
The First Narration Said That Umair Killed her by Himself
But latter other Narrations says the Prophet ordered her to be killed
(Which one ordered the killing????)
Another Narration said that he entered her when she was sleeping Breastfeeding her Children
And another says she was Awake and that Umair came to her to Buy Dates
(Was she sleeping or Awake?????)
Another contradiction is that a narration says Umair was blind
The second one says that he asked her for some dates, then she showed it to him, then later he looked left and right
(How can he look left and right if he was blind?????)
Part 5: Assuming the Narration is correct
It will still make no sense for any Critics of Islam to rely on the report even if it was authentic, because they only look at the action of the prophet and Judge it
But why not look at the actions of ‘Asma which all narrations explicitly says she instigated against the prophet, ie…. She want him Dead
So how come only the pure unbalanced unpragmatic judgment is accused only on Muhammad and Not ‘Asma for her Attempts at Instigating the Murder of the Prophet?
But there is something interesting in the Narration
Is that how come the Prophet Knew about the Murder of ‘Asma without anyone telling him about that, and asked Umair if he is the one that killed her????? This only suggest a prophecy or a miracle of the prophet.

Part 6: The Mercy of the Prophet according to Few Hadiths
Narrated `Abdullah:
During some of the Ghazawat of the Prophet () a woman was found killed. Allah's Messenger () disapproved the killing of women and children.[27]
Imam Al-Nawawi Said regarding the above hadith:
“The Ulama Agreed on the execution of the Hadith, and prohibiting the Murder of Women and Children If they didn’t Engage in Battles, But if they do Engage and attempt to kill Muslims then only in this case they should be killed”[28]
Ibn Batal Said:
“And it’s not allowed according to the Ijma of Ulama the Murder or killing of Women and Children in wars, because they mostly don’t engage in battles according to the Quran {Fight in the way of Allah those who fight you.}”[29]
And Abu Dawud said:
“Narrated Abdullah ibn Mas'ud:
We were with the Messenger of Allah () during a journey. He went to ease himself. We saw a bird with her two young ones and we captured her young ones. The bird came and began to spread its wings. The Messenger of Allah () came and said: Who grieved this for its young ones? Return its young ones to it. He also saw an ant village that we had burnt. He asked: Who has burnt this? We replied: We. He said: It is not proper to punish with fire except the Lord of fire.”[30]

It should be Clear By now that any accusation against the prophet using ‘Asma Bint Marwan Alleged Murder doesn't hold any critical merit nor any pragmatic investigation, lacking in all shapes any honesty or truth

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